HELP! My girl adjusting to coop!


6 Years
May 25, 2013
Please help if you can. Tonight will be my girls second night in the outside coop. She did not want to go in, and when I put her in and locked the door, she was trying to find a way out. Do you think she just needs time to get used to it? Do you think I should keep the door open so she can go in or out whenever she wants through the night?
Is she by herself? She may do better with other birds - they are flock birds. I agree with MEMama3. Keep her in the coop for a few days so she knows where home and safety is. You want her to run into the coop whenever she feels threatened. That's how you know if they know where home is!
She is by herself. I have 3 more chicks in the house, but they are not ready to move to the coop. They do go outside sometimes with the older one during the day.
Yep. They're a little young for going outside. I put my chicks out in their coop when they were around 8 weeks. How has the older one
been doing?? Any better?

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