HELP! My hen is sick. EMERGENCY!


6 Years
May 20, 2013
North Carolina
My hen, Nora is acting like she can't use the bathroom. A whitish liquid is coming out of her bottom. She is standing around trying to use the bathroom or lay an egg. I think she might be egg bound. She has layed eggs for quite a while. Please reply. I need your help.
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Sounds like you might be right. She might be egg bound. Have you done anything for her? I woke up with my hen showing strange symptoms and am treating her, just in case.

Get a cage for her and a 5 gallon bucket boil some water, or just get really hot water and put in the bucket and put her in the cage and sit the cage over the bucket, and put a towel over it. This moist heat will help relax the muscles and soften everything so that it has a better chance of coming out on its own. My hen is actually in a cage that is elevated over my tub with the hot shower going because I find it easier to keep the steam in there this way. You'll have to keep pouring boiling water in the bucket to do it that way, when the steam lessens up. You don't want her to get too hot, but you want to put lots of steam under her bum. Do the steam treatment for 2 hours.

Other people give them a bath in Epsom salts. It's called the spa treatment. She is just supposed to sit in the bath of Epsom salts for a while. Look it up for the exact measure and time, etc.

If that doesn't work, you may have to put on a latex glove and lube your finger up with KY jelly and insert it gently to try to get every piece out of her..

Good luck! Hopefully someone with more experience can tell you more than I have. I'm new to chickens.

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