Help! My hen is super aggressive towards my peeps !


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She's been super super broody lately, so I'm worried about moving her. Despite this she's a really terrible mom.. her first peep managed to squeeze between a 1-2" crack in the back of the henhouse and couldn't figure out how to get back in(Note that the henhouse has a small area around it for the chickens to graze, so the chick wasn't in any danger). I found her, and put her back in with her mom. This resulted in a particularly savage scolding, at which point I took her from her mom until my hen chilled the hell out(I've seen chickens scold their peeps before, this looked more like she was trying to peck its skull open to eat it), and put her back with the hen. I stayed for ten to twenty minutes to ensure she wasn't going to keep at it, and came back the next day to a dead peep laying a foot away from her mom

This time, she defecated ALL OVER the peep(She hasn't been eating very much since shes been broody, so she's had fairly watery leavings). So I had to take the peep in and clean it up(Cleaning up a peep and managing to keep it warm is really hard X.X), so I brought her out to her mom and waited, then set her down and managed to catch the hen before she took to scolding her again.

At this point I took her inside and put her in with a heating lamp and a small imprinting-toy-fluffy-naptime-thing(Basically a small straw-stuffed pillow with feathers all over it). She wouldn't quiet down, so I figured the heating lamp wasn't enough. I tried putting her with my old hen whose had a number of successful peepings, but while she was very gentle with the peep, didnt want to have anything to do with her(Once the peep got settled down, she'd move to another area, etc). So I've finally gotten out my old rat cage(4 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot, plastic bottom.. its all super safe stuff with loads of room), loaded up the bottom with about an inch and a half of sawdust and then made a large nest out of straw for them. Got my quick chick starter water and some mushy pullet crumble for when she gets hungry tomorrow(And for the hen now), and put my hen in there with her.

So far she hasn't been very aggressive, but I'm still worried. At least they're both sleeping. What should I do? :X I dont want to lose another peep(Especially since my flock is so small!)
How many more are you expecting to hatch? If they were mine, I would brood them inside. Especially since they seem very important to you. Bad broodies don't last long at my house. Everyone has a purpose- they either fertilize, lay or hatch eggs. If they can't do their job in the coop, they do their job in the stew pot. Once you have some friends for your lone peep, it should quiet down. Good luck!
I'm not sure, as she doesn't seem very interested in her 2 other eggs. So I'm thinking that maybe this is going to be my only peep of the season that makes it. As for the stew pot- if she doesn't shape up(Shes been very good with the peep today, except for stealing its food and me having to hand feed it a few times) she's definately headed that way.

I was debating ordering another 2 peeps so that my little girl could have some friends to huddle and play with. It'd suck to be all alone in a box.
If you have more then 1 hen then you might be able to try and get her to adopt them but it will be hard. however it is better to try then to just let the poor things get beet up by there mum.
Any tips for how to do this? I tried putting my gentlest(My Orphington(sp?)) in there with her and she wasn't interested, and my polish probably would have killed her with incessant and vicious pecking had I not stepped in.

I'm hoping she'll grow up and be a decent mom. Unfortunately my best sitter got eaten by a fox a month ago, much to my chagrin(And surprise).

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