Help!!! My Hen Was Attacked!!


8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
One of my laying hens was attacked this morning by a few of my puppies (my Heeler had a litter 7 weeks ago) and she has a very large and nasty neck wound and they chewed her butt off! I brought her inside immediately and put her in a small cage with food and water. I left her there for a few hours just to make sure that she wasn't going to die from the shock of it all. She is still alive but seems to be in some pain. She is pooping and eating a little bit but I haven't seen her drink yet. She is mostly just sleeping. I have several antibiotics on hand for my horses and goats.....can I give any to her to help fight infection? If so, what kind of antibiotics are best for wounds? I also read that you can't eat the eggs after they get antibiotics? Any info on that? Also, I saw that you can give a chicken asprin? How much should I give her? Thanks in advance for all of your help!!
I would do what's best for the chicken I know its probably hard to hear but I would put her down stop the suffering!! Just my opinion.
Have so little experience here, but a member on here told me they can have 1/4 aspirin every 12 hours. Getting it down was no problem for mine...a small bit of cheese with the aspirin smushed in side of it, and she gobbled it right up. Not literally smushed, just pressed that little piece in between 2 little pieces of cheese.

Good luck. Wish I could help more, but have no experience.....

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