poor chickie :(

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11 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Sorry, no pics...but my white tetra (which is similar to a white leghorn I hear) chick seems to be biting and sratching alot. I can see the irritated pink skin at the base of her wings and where her tail feather are growing. I'm getting concerned. The others are doing it a bit too however, I don't see any irritation on them.

They are 10 days old...noticed this for about 4 days now on her.

I have a theory though....a few days ago I remember her fluttering like crazy in the pine chips. Don't know if she was doing that to relieve herself or if the chips caused this.

Any ideas or input???
I am feeding them the chick starter that TSC sold me.
They are in a 50 gallon plastic bin with a 100w red light over them . They are in my family room. They have plenty of ventilation on top. They do not seem to be hot or cold (noticing their positioning with other chicks and how close they are to the light)
I keep the brooder clean
They have plenty of water
First time raising chicks. I have 5 of them.
I am taking good care of them and keep watch on them as I work at home.

since they are light colored have you looked to see if they might have mites? mites are very tiny blk or red in color and look alot like very small pepper but they move.. the reason i asked is someone elses chicks that came from TS was doing the same thing and they said they could have gotten mites at the hatchery.
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