Help!! My roo is attacking me!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by crazyforchicks, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. crazyforchicks

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    Sep 11, 2010
    I have two 7 month old black copper maran roosters. These boys have been docile and friendly since I got them in may. The other day I came in the coop and there was a hen that had been head-pecked really bad to the point that it had a quarter size open wound, not to mention all the blood in my coop now. When I was in the coop caring for the hen one of the boys started making a kind of whistle like a wheeze at me. Then he lunged at me. I of course chased him around the coop to show him whos boss. That has kept him from lunging at me but he does a wing flapping routine everytime I am in there now. I am only having trouble with the one so far. Any ideas on what he is doing other than being a brat and trying to rule the roost [​IMG]

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    That's exactly what he is doing. He is vying for the top spot as flock leader. Continue reinforcing the fact that YOU are in charge or his behavior will escalate. Good luck. Remember you are bigger and smarter.
  3. My roosters have never attacked me before will they attack me?

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    Quote:Not if you put them in freezer camp [​IMG]

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    I have and EE that is almost 2 and has never gone after any one but the hens. I have a Lakenvelder that has decided to go after grand kids, hubby and me, I am trying the pick him up and carry him around method chasing, kicking, isolating, never seemed to work with and of our other attack roosters, if they can't be broken they go to freezer camp. I won't have them going after the grand kids and their spurs get very long as they age. On work days he is already in the rafters by the time I get home but on my days off from now till spring I am going to try to get out and carry him around for at least 5 min. He is very pretty so I hope it works. Good luck with yours. I think it is best to start holding them a lot when they are chicks.
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    Quote:Not if you keep doing what you have been doing. If they haven't attacked you so far, then you should be good [​IMG]

    Crazyforchickens, if you want to keep your rooster don't back down from him and keep chasing him. Also some members here have suggested not letting problem roos eat when you are out . I've tried it and it works for me! If a rooster did that to me I would have given him the run of his life and if he did it again, I would eat him. I have two old roosters I raised from chicks that were suppose to be hens, (one RIR and white leghorn), and they have never attacked me. Both of their sons attacked me and had to go to freezer camp.
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    As soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought "stew".

  8. Thanks Jason
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    Making pets of them as chicks is usually not recommended. When the hormones hit, they tend to think they are #1 instead of you, and are more comfortable about attacking, or at least I have read this opinion several times from people who have handled a lot of roosters. For me, either they are well mannered or they go in the freezer, so I really don't have any experience with managing a cantankerous roo. I raise some chickens for the freezer anyway.

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    unless of course you really need his genetics, in which case bring him out only as needed.
    I have a nice roo who gets very defensive, holding him daily wasn't helping, then he got sick and the treatment made him settle down about 98%.
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