**********Help my rooster attacks my hens STILL ********


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
my rooster stood on top of my hen and continued to peck its head repeditivley while the hen tryed to lift her head up with cry's of pain so trying to protect my bird i gave him a good smack and he went tubling off and then hid in the coop . what shood i do??? tonite i seperated them for the night but im not sure if i should give him away? put him down? idont know please help
I am in the process of getting ready to take some roosters to auction, some for the very same reason. Maybe you should considder it too.
Yeah, that doesn't sound pleasant at all. Some back of the neck feathers grabbing is normal, I think, but this sounds weird. Anyone know if they "grow" out of this behavior? Or should he become a main ingredient in chicken casserole?

I feel your pain, I'm attached to my surprise roo, but if he keeps attacking me I may learn to butcher a rooster.
I personally do not think thats normal behavior for mating. Although Im not a expert I do know some. As hard as it is I would not let that gene pas on and I would have to have someone to "cull" him. I wouldnt be able to do it myself.
It is very normal behavior for a lot of young cockerals. Some of them get more manners as time goes on while some don't.

Like Pop said....they're the equivalant of teen-age boys.
The combination of burly teenage roos trying to mate with smallish, not-ready females is pretty hard to deal with. I agree that this will probably get better given a little time. A week in chicken jail seemed to calm my roo down a little. Hope it lasts!

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