Help my silky has a bulging eye!

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Aug 7, 2016
Southern Ontario Canada
Hello I am a new feather momma. I adopted three 3 month old silkys a month ago.
When i adopted them my little black girl Coco had an injured eye. The previouse owner informed me a child in the area picked her up and threw her resulting in her landing on her face. The previous owner had taken her right away to the vet where he gave her antibiotic ointment and stuff to give her orally. The previouse owner said she was doing great and the eye was alot less swollen. When i got her home and was able to really look at her it was obvious that the previous owner had not been washing the eye only applying the ointment. She had dusty wood shavings in their cage and her eye was a mass of filth. I started washing it a few times a day then applying ointment to try an soften it. Within a couple of days she pulled of the scab herself. It was apparent that the eye was bulging ojt of her head. There is sti?l movement under the opaque mass of her eye and she was able to tear. I kept up with the ointment and it seemed to help but not crazy changes. I went to my vet and he gave me a mastitis liquid I put a couple drops mornjng and night and the eye started to shrink. Unfortunatly it is very dry and hot this summer and it is making it very hard for me to keep the whole surface of the eye moist all day. I have been tending to her for a while now. Should I let is scab? Any suggestions?
i should mention that sne is eating/drinking very well. She has a adapted to only one eye farly well. Her two sisters never bother her and with observation they dont pick on her a bit. She is actually the first to the food and the one more apt to take something from one of her sisters

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