HELP Need advice on very young Cygnet

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    May 8, 2011
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    Hello all. I've been given a cygnet to rehab. I've been told it is less than a week old, mute swan, still has egg tooth. It could not follow the momma so it was abandoned. I believe it has splayed leg because it cannot walk. I scoots around a little, usually in a circle to the right.

    It will not eat or drink on it's own. When I put it's bill in water it usually shakes his head. I put him in very shallow water and he drank a bit on his own but still no food. Feeding it 19% protein, non medicated starter crumbles.

    I've raised ducks and geese but never a swan. What can I do to help this guy survive? What is different about swans with their food and how they eat. Isn't it different than geese?
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    Did the cygnet survive? I pray so. I hatched out 9. Ordered Mazuri Waterfowl pellets for the cygnets. The babies ate them from the water. From that hatch I have Gracie and Gunther now over 2 years old. I adore them. They use a 300 gallon trough during the day but have to be put in their house with Cygnets 4.jpg imagejpeg_1.jpg run at night safe from predators. Water has to be changed at least once a week, often sooner. Lots of work but my Black Aussie swans are worth it.
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