HELP Need advice on very young Cygnet


11 Years
May 8, 2011
Olive Branch, MS
Hello all. I've been given a cygnet to rehab. I've been told it is less than a week old, mute swan, still has egg tooth. It could not follow the momma so it was abandoned. I believe it has splayed leg because it cannot walk. I scoots around a little, usually in a circle to the right.

It will not eat or drink on it's own. When I put it's bill in water it usually shakes his head. I put him in very shallow water and he drank a bit on his own but still no food. Feeding it 19% protein, non medicated starter crumbles.

I've raised ducks and geese but never a swan. What can I do to help this guy survive? What is different about swans with their food and how they eat. Isn't it different than geese?
Did the cygnet survive? I pray so. I hatched out 9. Ordered Mazuri Waterfowl pellets for the cygnets. The babies ate them from the water. From that hatch I have Gracie and Gunther now over 2 years old. I adore them. They use a 300 gallon trough during the day but have to be put in their house with
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run at night safe from predators. Water has to be changed at least once a week, often sooner. Lots of work but my Black Aussie swans are worth it.
Here I am again. The cygnet from last year did not survive. I have been given another one from the same pair as last year. This little guy is very weak, walks a little funny and will not eat or drink. I need advice ASAP.
So much easier when talking to someone to get info regarding condition and what you've already tried and not tried. You state you need help "asap". How long does posts take with you and I going back and forth. When birds start going down health wise they often don't have long. I have happy healthy peafowl, ornamental pheasants and Gracie and Gunther, the Black Australian swans. I take excellent care of them and tend to their needs immediately if there is a healthy issue which I seldom have. You rescued a cygnet last year that didn't live. Gives me thought there is no time to waste. SO: if you want to drag this out at the expense of the cygnet perhaps you can tell me what you've done so far. You say it won't eat or drink. Assuming you're force feeding and keeping it hydrated? Do you not have a Veterinarian on hand since you rehab birds.
I certainly didn't mean to sound rude. I'm sorry if I did.

My cygnet is eating and drinking. I'm giving him chick starter but have ordered Mazuri waterfowl pellets. He does some grazing when outside. Are they as active as ducklings and goslings? This little guy does a lot of sleeping and not much walking around. Since this one came from the same parents as the one I had last year I can only assume he is not healthy and could not keep up with the others. He also does not seem to have any interest in my other birds or me for that matter. Does very little crying. I have him paired up with a 2 week old Canada gosling and that seems to be going well but I was hoping the cygnet would bond enough to following the gosling around.
They need water with their feed to swallow it. I put floating Mazuri in their water trough or bucket/dish of water with another bucket/dish of water beside it. Fresh water essential. Did you get the Mazuri Waterfowl Starter in a 25 lb bag for cygnets? If not maybe you can change the order. Other pellets may be to large. I've not had ducklings or goslings but baby peacocks and pheasants sleep a lot. I think that may be normal for very young birds. It's good it with a companion bird. I don't remember the cygnets I hatched out over 3 years ago being real active. An excellent product you could use is Poultry Nutri-Drench (Bovidr Labratories Inc). I bought mine at Tractor Supply for about $12. Works wonders with new hatchlings and chicks. Covers vitamin deficiencies and lots more. Please let me know how it's doing and if I can be of any more help.

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