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7 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Loretto, TN
When we were living on a few acres in town, we got away with no losses in a plain hoop coop. Part of it was just chicken wire (despite my protests) and one coop had no wire at all on the bottom.
We had to purge our flock, though, when we moved. They had developed a mycoplasma infection and were a closed flock.
We are starting over soon. I figured the quarantine would be perfect timing.
Can any of you share your coop and run designs for predator heavy areas? We are on 100 acres in very rural Alabama. There are coyotes, bobcats, snakes, roaming dogs, raccoons, and flying predators including eagles. I’m hoping to have a few LGDs but will have to train them, so little protection for the birds at the beginning. I’d prefer to have an area for chicks and juveniles as well. I just don’t have room in the house for young ones, and we have cats indoors now as well.


Jun 17, 2018
Upstate NY
I did a hoop run attached to the coop. Completely covered in HC. Also have a 2' HC apron around the entire thing. Nothing except a bear is getting in there. Planning on adding another 10' this summer.

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