help need hatching egg for 1st graders


12 Years
Oct 25, 2009
hello i am looking for 50 to 75 eggs for my wifes and 2 other local first grades i am willing to buy just would like to find larger qualitys then 12 at a time so i can save on shipping. would perffer bantams the only breed i would like to see a few silkies but other wise dont care what the breeds are or if show quaility just want to help these kids out would like to buy for shipping next week.
thanks jason [email protected]
What part of maine are you in? If you are in the area, would save on shipping them. I don't have purebreds right now, but am willing to help out with crosses. I can send you pics of my beautiful, excellent personality rooster and hens. I have never had a mean rooster from him. Are the kids raising these after hatching?
what will happen with the chicks once they hatch? I'd think fewer would be better. not every childs family wants to be the proud owner of a single chick (think easter egg syndrome)
If you look in unclehenry's or on maine craiglist you could find some free range hatching eggs for pretty cheap.

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