Help need to build an incubator

Oklahoma Lightning

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Mar 3, 2009
Twin Oaks
I need help with design and what I need to build this incubator.
I saw a picture of an end table that was a cats hideout. So, the wheels started turning. I want it to be 28 inches tall,32 inches deep and 24 inches wide. I got a couple of cabinet doors to put on the front. And I have a whole sheet of cabinet grade plywood.
So, can someone help me from there?
Can I put an inner door on with a handle on the outside to turn the eggs? Then fold the handle down and shut the outer door?
I got two computer fans somewhere around here.
Got pipe for turner
What else do I need to find around here a old lamp and a 12 V charger?


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Mar 25, 2008
Clarksville, North Florida
You can make an incubator out of almost anything--this is miss prissy's incubator link--it's very helpful.

There was someone who just built a really nice one out of a cabinet and now I can find the thread. If I do I'll post it--Good Luck and take pics when you are done!!

Oklahoma Lightning

10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Twin Oaks
Ok looks like I got a lot of what I need.
Here the list
Supplies Used:

* One large Styrofoam cooler
Using cabinet
Have * One 115 volt comput
* 4-5 inch toggle bolts to attach the fan and set it out from the wall of the bator)
* Scrap heavy plastic from a disposible container (used as sort of washers so the bolts for the fan and the thermostat didn't pull through the Styrofoam)
* One wafer thermostat (used a 4 inch machine screw instead of the threaded key that came with it due to the thickness of the Styrofoam walls)
Can I use something different here?
Have * One porcelin lighbulb fixture with shallow metal (round) electrical box
* A plastic screw on connector to connect the light junction box to the pvc conduit (don't know what it is called)
Got get * 10-15 feet of white half inch PVC (schedule 40) pipe
* Assorted half inch PVC elbows, 4 way connectors, and T connectors for the turner and conduit.
Have * A couple of plastic junction boxes
* About 2 or 3 yards of black and red 12 gauge wire (to connect the components to each other)

* About 12 inches or so of 12 gauge extension cord wire (goes from the male plug outside to the junction box inside near the thermostat)
* Male plug for the 12 gauge extension cord wire
A rick might work
* A short piece of wire shelving for the bottom (to make a level bottom--the conduit ran accross the bottom underneath)
Have * Small 1/2 cup sized cup and a larger TV dinner tray (used underneath the wire bottom for humidity)
* Foil lasagna pan lined with non-skid shelf liner (for a hatching tray)
* Two 18 count Styrofoam egg cartons (for the turner)
* Hot glue (for attaching the turning trays to the turner)
Have * Two pieces of plexiglass (donated by the local glass shop)
Have* Duct tape (to keep the plexiglass in place and use when my kids wouldn't stop telling me how to do this)
Have * Caulk (didn't stick the best to Styrofoam and I would probably omit this step next time)
* Small funnel (an old medicine bottle with an appropriate sized hole drilled in the bottom would work as well).
Would O2 tubing work?
* Clear flexible plastic tubing (buy in hardware stores by the foot--don't get the smallest diameter available)
* Foil
* Peanut butterjar filled with water (for a heat sink)
* Blood, sweat, and tears (not really) and probably something else I will remember the second I get this page set up.

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