Help, need to move my Broody hen!! tonite


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Apr 23, 2010
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HI thanks for looking, I need to move my Broody hen tonite, the box she is in has gotten wet and I need to put her in the Brooder pen!!!
How do I do this I tried to move her from this not so good location but she ran right back to the space she was in before.
I have a very nice heated Brooder Pen and I have a chicken there now, It is large enough for several birds!!!

Should I make a box Or a basket? please let me know!!!
It's always best to move broody hens at night. Get everything ready for her in the new place. Don't make the nest box too big. A cardboard box turned on it's side is fine. Put the flaps so that you can close up the end to seclude her. Use the same type of nesting material that she currently has. Keep the new space dark even during the day for the first few days if possible. Once all of the chickens have settled in for the night. As quietly and with as little light as possible, move her to the new nest. If it's very far, I would take a bucket with clean bedding and put the eggs into it, then carry the bucket and hen to the new place. Move as quickly as possible while keeping her and the eggs safe. Leave her in the new smaller space for a couple of days until she settles in. It is possible that regardless of how careful you move her, that she will break her broodiness. Some hens are just more temperamental about chosing their own spot. Good luck!!
It should be good if you do it at night. And put something in the wet nest to block it from being used.

I'm glad I have an incubator for instances like this so I don't worry.

Put a little food and water within her reach.
Thanks for all the help!! I have successfully completed the task and with a little luck and prayers she will stay put!!
I will enclose her area in the morning so that she is no longer bothered by other birds till her hatch is complete. candled the eggs and they are definitely going to be chicks so here we go!!!

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