Help! Need Vanilla Icing Recipe!!


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Hey, I need a good vanilla icing recipe! I can't seem to be able to find a tried and true one! Thanks in advance!!
For icing what -- cakes or cookies? Might make a difference in what kind of recipe will work for you.
your basic vanilla buttercream (not french or italian buttercream, which is a ton of work and unpredictable) is to beat two sticks softened butter until creamy, and then beat in powdered sugar to taste, generally, 1/2 lb powdered to 1/2 lb butter (two sticks). Add 1-2 tsp pure, real vanilla extract, a tiny pinch of salt if you didn't use salted butter (I always use salted butter... trust me, you want salt in it one way or another... otherwise it won't have balanced flavor), and beat until fluffy. If it is too thick, add a few drops of milk, but you shouldn't need to. This same recipe can be varied with other flavors - omit vanilla and add orange or lemon zest, other other flavored extracts like mint or almond, etc.

This is your basic real vanilla buttercream frosting and works well on everything. My advice: don't use shortening! Hyrdogrenated oils are really bad for you, are the main cause of heart disease, and have no flavor. Real butter is the way to go, baby.

If you want a lighter icing, you can just do Chantilly Creme (whipped cream) - whip cold, very fresh cream to soft peaks, add regular sugar and vanilla to taste (only a little of each) and beat to desired consistency. It is a lovely, light, vanilla frosting for delicate cakes. Be careful not to overbeat or you'll have butter instead
We use a vanilla cream cheese icing, which is

Cream cheese
powdered sugar
vanilla extract

not sure what proportions since we just throw the stuff together. Either nuke it in the microwave or do in a saucepan. We add lots of vanilla extract! We use it on cakes, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, etc!
I agree that cream cheese frosting is absolutly the best... but I wasn't sure that was what was being requested. If you are interested in cream cheese frosting, the proportions are:

1 pkg cream cheese: 1 stick butter: 1 cup powdered sugar: 1 tsp vanilla extract: 1 pinch salt

That is for a stiffer, longer lasting frosting, like if things need to stick together.

for a cheesier, tastier frosting, it's:

2pkg cream cheese: 1 stick butter: 2 cups powdered sugar: 2 tsp vanilla: 2 pinches salt

Either way, leave the butter and cream cheese out on the counter until roomtemp, or nuke for just a few seconds to soften, but don't melt! Then cream together, then add other ingredients and beat until light & fluffy.

good luck!
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Thanks! I used the Vanilla Buttercream one, man is it ever delicious! But I have to try the Cream Cheese Frosting! Yummy!


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