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Sep 8, 2011
hi i my ross cobbs got dirty bums and all there skin looks red and sore and on the breast as they dont seem to have many fathers. if i kill them like this will the skin still look sore and red when dressed.i do clean them out every day as the do make a mess.they sleep on the floor of the coop on straw as they to big to roost any help please.

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If they have dirty bums, they have diarrhea. Add some yogurt to their drinking water and that will help to get their intestinal problems under control.

I don't know about butchering with the sore looking skin, because mine haven't been that way on the breast. Since it is not something that I have heard any complaints about, I suspect that once they are butchered and bled out they will look OK. Really, you have to butcher them, sore breast skin or not. I's not like you can keep a flock of them as pets.

If there is a patch of skin that doesn't look right after the birds have been bled and soaked in ice water to chill, you can always trim that bit off. But I suspect it will be OK. Come back after your birds are in the freezer and let us know what happened.
thanks for your help i do put apple cider vinegar in there water ill let you know how i get on thanks
I can only see the red skin on one bird, and only just a bit of it, but what I can see looks normal to me. Your birds look fine to me. In fact, they look quite nice. Try the yogurt and see if that firms up their stools a bit. That should get rid of the dirty bum problem.

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