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    Jul 22, 2016
    I have a pair of 7 m/o call ducks, sisters, absolutely bonded to each other. I just saw a huge hawk fly up from the yard. All the chickens are okay, but there was one very dead duck. My other duck is perfectly okay, thank god. However, she is freaking out. She is quacking and is very nervous. The ducks live separately from the chickens because they tend to pick on them when it comes to food and such, so I can't put her in with the chickens. I feel terrible leaving the duck all by herself. I considered picking up a duckling from Rural King and housing them together, but they don't have ducklings yet. Any ideas? I am afraid that she may die of stress from losing her best friend. Please help!!!
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    She is probably in shock too. Try a mirror with out sharp edges for now and I'd look for a Call more her age you couldn't put a duckling in with her she could injure or kill it.I'd get 2 when you get them that way and hopefully it won't if this did happen again the one left would still have another for comfort.

    I am so sorry you lost one.

    We have call people on here if your interested in looking at more Calls.

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