Help needed...badly!


8 Years
Oct 6, 2011
I few days ago while I was in the garden I saw a red bug...12 years living in this house and this is the first time I seen something like it. I thought "Oh a tiny red spider" killed it and went on with my biz. Today, while cleaning my coops, first time ever, I see another tiny red spider running fast on the water dispenser that I had just finished cleaning, after I killed it, I grab my cell phone ( I like a little music while cleaning) what do I see another tiny red spider running crazy on my phone..holly molly, I squeazed it and yuck, blood on my finger. I read that red mites hide during the day, well these three tiny red spiders like taking risks because it was daylight, bright and sunny. I immediately check online and based of pictures I saw, they were red mites...gross! My coops are clean, as I am a clean freak with alot of spare time, so what do I do overly clean... I dust my coops with Permethrin but it says it only works for Northern Fowl Mites.
What can I use to get rid of them? I am desperate...any advice please?
Wood ash and diatomaceous earth to dust bath in. Poultry Protector spray, or ivermectin pour on.
I have had the same problem before and ofcourse I went out and bought almost every parasite spray or dust you could buy and had no luck. This was because I was putting the powder in their house and not on them. It's a messy job, but the best way to do it is to hold the birds by their feet upside down and rub the powder under their wings, and near their rears. This only lasts for a short while because chickens shake the powder off in a couple of days. So, along with doing this, I also have a large rubber pan field with dirt, some sand and I put the powder in it as well. So, everytime they have a dust bath, they treat theirselves. Change about once a week or more depending on how many chickens you have. This is the only way it worked for me. And I use Y-Tex GardStar Garden and Poultry Dust. Works great:)
The mites that you are seeing are most likely not the red mites that infest birds/chickens. I have noted them very frequently in vegetative situations - they are much larger than 'chicken mites'. I think that you are OK in this instance.
Agree. I know the critters of which you speak and they are no threat to birds. You often see them on old wood.
If it was a chigger I would move. Chigger's that big would have been treated with radiation and might get the size of a small saucer.
You behave, Ole Rooster...
and Sour, I think you're right, it is likely they are not harmful at all. Gambit, search mites and look at pics of the indications on wood and other surfaces inside the coop. It will be obvious if it is so bad that they are all over teh place in the daytime. I think they may actually be red spiders!

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