HELP NEEDED Hovabator genesis 1588 question


6 Years
Mar 31, 2013
I had eggs in my brand new genesis 1588 that have not hatched at day 23. On digital display temp reads 98.5 fluctuating slightly. I put a hydrometer inside as well as a thermometer that both read 102. I candeled an egg to see a fully formed chick not moving inside. I also did the float test and it was floating still in water. Should I override the temp to bring it down to 98.5 to combat the off set temperature? I have another set of eggs going in tomorrow and I'm concerned.
Hello Diamond, I just recently purchased a Genesis 1588 also. I did have a sucessful hatch in it. The question I have is that my Genesis 1588 came preset at the temp of 100 degrees. I am curious, did your incubator also come preset to the 100 degree mark?
Did you adjust the the temp?
Am I wrong, but is 98.5 temp a bit too low?
I thought I have read here that most temps on these incubabtors run at 99.6 to 100? Mind you, I am just new to this hatching business so I would love to hear some input on this as well.
Do different incubators run at different temps?
I would guess that if none of your chicks have make any attempt at hatching by now, it does not sound good.
But again, I am no expert.
It did come preset at 100. However the temperature on the thermometer inside says 102. So I lowered the temp on the digital top because something is off if the chicks were fully formed but deadw in shell. Even lowering it that much isn't lowering the temp inside. So I'm playing with it until I get the temp inside to say 99.5 which I believe is ideal. I'm new at this too and I bought this incubator to avoid this. Obviously something is wrong. I'm trying to figure it out by process of elimination. I have another set of eggs going in tomorrow and I'm scared they are going to be ruined again.
I have a Hovabator Genesis 1588 . I noticed that my temperature ran at 102F also. My chicks actually hatched a day or even two earlier. But I had a good hatch. I am wondering if something might have gone wrong with your humidity.
Seems if the Hovabator digital display says only 98.5F then the temperature is too low and that's why the chicks are so late in hatching. I would increase the temperature to at least 100.5 for the next hatch. My Hovabator was preset at 102. My chicks hatched well at 102 even though they were a day or two early.
It was preset at 100 from factory and I did not touch it all the way through. When chicks didn't pip or hatch I stuck in two thermometers and both read 102. So then I lowered to adjust therm inside to 99.5. I believe the high temp killed them. Still unsure.
Diamond, I think my 1588 was also reading 102 inside when I placed a thermometer to check the temp. I must say that I too was worried that the temp was too hot.
Even though the directions for the 1588 said don't fool with the adjustments...well, I did. I put it to 99.6, the same temp as my Brinsea Mini.
If I were you, I would keep the extra thermometers inside the incubator for added insurance.
Oh thanks! I'm glad you had a good hatch. So that gives me hope the ones I put in might work. I have a brinsea mini too. I bought both since I couldn't decide! Fingers crossed the next batch will work out.

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