Help needed identifying what killed my poor ducks im aftaid it might be big other pets might be in d

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  1. gloriouskate

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    Aug 15, 2016
    Hi guys i need some help identifying a predator.
    I just lost two of my three ducks and the third is injured.
    I heard it happen last night but there was nothing i could do.
    My ducks were in this super sturdy house, it used to be a playhouse. It has thick cedar boards on all sides. I attached a picture but im not sure if it came out.
    Anyway last night abot 8 i heard sevetal LOUD bangs and then the ducks went crazy followed by more and more bangs. I went out this morning and found the damage.
    The house has gaps between the walls and the roof big enough for a racoon to fit easily and the door has a cinder block in front at night to keep it closed.i did not find claw marks but on of the side boards was pried loose and cracked a little.
    The ducks werent eaten they had several injuries and one was decapitated. There were no parts missing or eaten.
    I didnt hear any animal sounds last night except the ducks just a lot of. Loud thumps and banging.
    Please help im afraid it might be a bear because it must have been big and strong but couldnt fit in the gaps or between the pried out boards.
    I should mention that i live in northwest WA we have a little bit of everything up here. Also the only side of the house exposed was the one with the get to the door they would have to go through lots of netting and plastic fence.
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  2. gloriouskate

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    Aug 15, 2016
    I should also mention that dogs (ours and the neighbors) were barking for over an hour before. Even an older guy that cant hear well. All dogs were inside safe tho thank god!
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  3. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    That might be a variety of things, but a bear is not likely one of them. Multiple birds with not much damage is often the work of raccoons (at least it is early in the year) and also minks and weasels, the latter will often kill a whole lot of birds and not each much of anything. Both raccoons and weasels can get past small spaces.

    The banging you heard was likely the birds themselves flying and flailing to escape and wildly banging into the walls in the process.
  4. chickens really

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    I think bear...Probably a young bear too...He found the Duck house and like all bears, was interested....Probably never ate Duck before but he tasted it anyways...Sorry for the loss....

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