Help needed interpreting candling pictures


Sep 25, 2019
Perth, Western Australia
Am hoping someone can help work out which of my eggs are viable. Its now day 23 and only one of the 6 eggs in my incubator hatched - and that one popped out on day 20! Eggs are d'uccles and were shipped, so the air cells are all saddle shaped. From the same batch of eggs 3 went under my broody and all have hatched - one on day 20 and the other 2 on day 21. The incubator has had issues maintain temperate and hmudidy, but I am not sur eif its actually the incubator that is at fault or the guage - or a combo of both.
Candled the eggs just now - one has a chick in it that has been visibly moving for the last 24 hrs but it looks like breathing movement as is rythmic. There is no pip that I can see so Im assuming its just heartbeat movement. I havent taken photos of that one as I dont want to disturb it any more.

the other 4 eggs all have large embryos although no movement and some appear to still have a little veining so im thinking possibly the incubator has just been too cold and they are very slow to develop, but would like some second / third / fourth opinions.

Egg # 2 (2 pics)- embryo still in same spot it was at lockdown - no change from pencil lines
Egg # 3 (2 pics)- veings / membrane showing??, embryo seems more 'condensed'
Egg #4 (2 pics)- embryo outline jaggedy, pink membrane showing. Other side (not shown) has smooth outline in same place that it was was at lockdown
Egg #5 (2 pics) - one side the embry has moved significantly from where it was at lockdown, the other side is worryingly 'blobby'....

any thought on whether these are dead in the shell or still got a chance? I will leave them in the incubator for another few days yet but am freaking out at the thought that they may internally pip but cant exterenally pip, or cant get through the internal membrane due to the alleged humidity fluctuations.

thanks for any feedback - appreciated.


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