Help needed PLEASE!!- panting and groaning sounds laying down

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    No they are only 3 and 4 month old pullets and we hadhthem for 3 weeks.. first big chickens apart from the 5 week olds we got as chicks..(they are seperate in backyard set up)
    Which is why this whole thing is so's just one after the other.. keen for them to get better as it's time to introduce the keepers from the bavkyard... But obviously not unless I can make sure they are healthy..
    As sad as it sounds have actually started thinking if it would be better to euthsnise these two andstrat fresh.. if I can't work out what they have to not risk the little ones together sick too??
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    Getting older birds always carries the risk of bringing in pests and diseases.
    Unless you've followed strict quarantine protocols,
    there's a chance that your chicks have already been exposed to whatever is ailing the older birds.
    Euthanizing the older sick birds, or taking them back to where ever you got them, is definitely an option worth considering.
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    Mar 12, 2018
    Perth Australia
    Hello all, just though i would do a quick update, after treating with triple c for 7 days and vet rx they are still the same.. in terms of lethargic, snotty clear discharge from nasal, one occaisionally sneezes (no other signs).. but still eating drinking , pecking a little but lying down most of the day with intermittent periods of "normal" behaviour.

    i do not want to risk my little chicks(now 8 weeks) getting infected and since its only 2 pullets (3 and 4 month) we have made the decision to cull them and a family friend will be doing the deed in the next few days.
    Its a hard one as they are not really that bad (in terms o them looking like they suffer), but not getting any improvements either and its been 2 weeks now..
    I do assume its Myacoplasma brought on after heat stress .. as none of the other symptoms fit the more serious respitory diseases.. the vet i took them to costs a ridiculous amount($200) and did not diagnose anything definitely (so frustrating never doing that again..).. there is no state lab or anywhere that will run tests without going through a vet, and consultation alone is $105..

    Please advise on clearing out coop run, to get ready for letting little chicks out. My plan:
    • rake sand in run of droppings
    • take and throw out all bedding into garden as mulch..(whole bale of brand new hemp :-((() they will never be allowed to free range so don't think they will have contact to the mulched sections
    • mix water bleach vinegar solution and spray run/coop, wash down perch, drinkers and feeders
    • leave empty for a week
    am in missing anything?
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    I'm very sorry to hear that they have not improved.
    You have made a hard decision which, hopefully long-term will help prevent the spread of disease to your new chicks.

    Your plan of clean out is a good idea, a lot depends on what illness you are dealing with - some linger in the environment longer than others. You may want to look into Virkon S for your deep cleaning.
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