Help Needed With Hatching Chick


7 Years
Feb 28, 2012
Northern, CA
O.K. guys! I need help. I am hatching 12 eggs. Three have already hatched but the third is still attached to the shell. What do I do? Do I cut the "thing" connecting them, or do I just let the chick do it by itself? I also think I have a shrink-wrapped egg. I put a sponge in. Two others are pipped, but I think they might be shrink-wrapped too. Humidity is at 64%. I,m SO worried! Please help. This is my first hatch and I don't know what to do.
The chick that is attached to the egg just let it be for now. It is still attached to its life support in the egg. Can you raise the humidity. If so try to get it between 70%-80%. Put a wet sponge in you bator or a bowl of water. Hope all goes well.
I have a sponge and a small container of water. Maybe the water's not warm enough yet. The EE that I think is shrink-wrapped is starting to push on the shell a little.
The chick is dragging the shell around. Oh! the EE just hatched! Thank you for your help!

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