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Earlier this year I integrated a new flock of about 12 young birds (mostly roos) into an existing flock of 7 hens. The roos have been eaten as they crow but one was a Wellsummer pullet which I'd like to get eggs from. The problem is that after I tried to integrate the flocks she became petrified with fear of being bullied and sat in a corner not eating. She wasn't pecked any more than anybody else and whilst the others formed a stable pecking order within a week, she sat in the corner starving to death. Because the Wellsummer lay hidden most of the time she was pecked a little whenever she emerged. The pecking was never violent and she made a big fuss over nothing. Nonetheless, she wasn't eating so after a new days I separated her. In the meantime, we've eaten all the young roos (who were the main culprits) and so now I have put her back with the others. The hens basically didn't touch her but as I type she's buried her head in the ground, immobile with fear. I can't isolate her again because the only accommodation that will handle winter is where the flock is kept. Right now I'm just going to hope she gets over it and starts eating. I would welcome suggestions on what might encourage her to integrate, since if she doesn't I don't think she'll survive.

I had a hen that hid in the coop, on the roost, day and night in fear of the rest of the flock. . I picked her up from a couple that sold all thier birds and she couldn't be caught, so she was all alone when I got her since the person that took all her friends never returned to get her. I hate introducing single birds, but I had no choice. She finally came out of her shell when I introduced 5 new pullets and she was the 1st to pick on them. It was like she was happy that she didn't have to be the low man on the totem pole anymore. The only other thing I could think was to separate her with another hen and reintroduce both of them, but I didn't have to resort to that after I introduced the newbies. I used to go in with a handful of food whenever I could and hand feed her since she was too afraid to get down and eat. She now fits into the flock very well.

Find a really yummy everybody loves treat and hand- feed. Hopefully she will integrate herself into the flock and they will accept her.

Can you seperate the Wellsummer and 1 or 2 others, put them together in a large crate inside of the run. That way everybody see's one another, but doesn't have complete pecking acess.
maybe change it up every couple days?

Just some thoughts,
You might try offering more than one feeder. I would use three of the small feeders. Maybe one at each end and one in the middle. Other than that...I dunno. Or sell her. Once your younger ones get older the one that picks on them will probably be lower on the pecking order. I am waiting for mine to get older so I can put them all together. I have learned from a bad mistake not to put any young chickens in with the adults. I had egg eaters. I could not break them from eating the eggs and got rid of every one of them. This time I will wait until they are laying before I put them in with the adults. Not sure if this is a common thing but I am taking no chances.

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