Help!! New, wet chick!

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    My broody hen was due to hatch out 5 eggs tomorrow, this morning she has 3 eggs, one fluffy little baby, and this wet cold chick pushed out about 6 inches from her. I took the cold chick and put it under a heat lamp inside, it is getting dry and fluffy, and moving around now, when I brought her inside she was deathly still . It's been about 45 mins now, she still isn't standing up, although she has gone from laying on her side to being sternal. Does she need more time?? Should she be walking around by now? She is cheeping pretty much which has me concerned something is wrong. 14957997345621232397752.jpg
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    No harm in giving it more time. Its chirping because its not with momma - but at least it is making noise, which is no bad thing. Maybe it has some issue and thats why momma has decided to not to keep it warm under her. Time will tell.

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