Help! newbie: 2 hatching failures.... ready to give up


5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
I have incubated 2 sets of eggs with no luck hatching any live babies. I am using a farm innovator brand new incubator. the temp was set at 99.5 degree with 50+ humidity the entire time eggs were incubated. the 1st set of eggs i had one try to hatch but didnt make it out of the egg. the rest of the eggs were at various stages of embryos. I candeled the eggs at 9 days and many of the eggs were fertilized and growing.. i candled again at 14 days still growing a few didnt seem to be growing but since i am new at this i left them in the incubator. at 24 days i broke open the eggs to find embryos at different stages of developement but all dead accept the 1 chick that died trying to get out of the shell. this second batch i am at day 21 with no pipping or chirping. i candled a few eggs and they look like they have stopped growing. i see no movement in the eggs. so very frustrated and ready to give up. we usually buy chicks but we live on a farm and have 3 young sons who wanted to hatch chicks. this is hard for them to when they wait 3 weeks for the eggs to not hatch twice. please help any thoughts? no power outaged... incubator is in our dining room area away from drafts and temperature changes. would too high of humidity stop the chicks from growing? occasionally we would wake up and the humidity was in the higher 60s. we have gotten both sets of eggs from 2 different farms that have fertilized eggs.


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Is it a still air or fan? Mine is a farm innovators incubator with no fan or turner. I kept the humidity at 30-40% and the temp 101-102°. I had plugs out at the end and dropped temp to 99° and increased humidity to 65-70%. I got 30 out of 36 eggs I set. It was my first hatch and I lucked out and really hope its not just a fluke or beginners luck. Good luck
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