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Hi there,

My situation: I got 4 x chickens a week ago today from two different breeders. 2 x wyandottes approx 20 weeks old and 2 x orpingtons approx 10-12 weeks old. Because of the age difference I have the wyans free ranging during the day with their own coop+run for night, and the orps in a separate run next to the wyans. They are not let out to free range yet.

The orps were badly tail pecked when I got them (as were many of the birds on this farm who all seemed quite stressed). They were treated with our equivalent of blu-kote on their butts before I brought them home. The splash orp has settled in well and is becoming quite friendly. The blue orp pecked her sister once at the beginning, opening the scab on her tail, then stopped.

Today I went down and found the splash orp raw on her tail again and the blue one pestering her. I don't know what to do! I can't separate them as I have no more cages and I don't think the wyans will accept one of the orps yet into theirs. The cage they are in is approx 7ft x 3ft. It has a nest box which they do not use, a perch (which they also do not use at night but will sit on during the day), half the run is covered for rain and sun protection, and there is food and water at all times plus they get a big tray of forage and scraps every day.

What do I do to stop the splash being pecked? I can try to source more blu-kote and respray her but the scab yesterday was dark and healing so I don't think her sister saw it as "must peck this red thing" but more that she is bullying. They came from a small pen of approx 10-12 who were all badly pecked and crowded so maybe she is just doing what she is used to with the overcrowding?


i had a baby chicken who pecked ther wing raw once...i put neosporin on it for a couple of days and soon her feathers came back she is now a healthy little hen...thats for the pecking and rawness other than that you can seperate the chicks in big contaners or dog kennals work great...sorry if this was not much help.

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