HELP! Newborn goat and mama problems!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by nakedneckmom, Mar 25, 2013.

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    May 28, 2012
    We purchased a Saanen goat that was pregnant from a person that seemed to have a lot of experience and a large, healthy herd. The deal was she wanted to kid Gigi out at her place, and keep one of the babies. So the day after she gave birth we brought Gigi and the baby home. Everything was going well, we were kind of having a hard time getting milk from her-the baby seemed fine and getting enough milk though (we are keeping baby with mama for two weeks before starting to separate them). We were only able to get a decent amount of milk out of her one night (just because we have been reading that she will have such an abundance that we need to milk her for her comfort). So now the baby is 6 days old, and we do not think mama is producing enough milk even for baby! Mama is also laying down a lot, the baby "punches" her a lot and switches teats, and it seems like there is nothing going on.

    I have contacted the person we bought her from, and I am waiting on a reply. But WHAT IS GOING ON? Was it a bad idea to change her environment that soon after birth? Her diet is consistent with what she was eating at her old home- alfalfa and four way, with the option of alfalfa pellets if she wants. But she really has never wanted to the grain. And it seems like she barely eats anything.

    I am one step away from calling a vet. I hope someone has advice! I am going to start bottle feeding the baby like today unless something changes.
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    I have no idea (we're just starting to look into getting goats), but I hope everything turns out alright! It sounds scary. Sending good thoughts to your mama and baby. I know there are herbs that help with milk production in humans, maybe there are things you can give the goat, too. I would also think maybe you could at least call a vet and get advice. They might be able to tell you if they need to come out or if you have some leeway.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    How old is this goat and what does her udder look/feel like? Have you milked before or is this your first experience? Has this goat been tested for CAE?

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