help!! Nigerian dwarf doe might be pregnant


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Apr 23, 2014

I got this Nigerian dwarf goat in late February early march and want to know of anyone can tell if she is pregnant or not. She had babies late December and was housed with a buck until I bought her. The buck would jump fences to get in with all the does. She has been getting a little fat lately and her milk has started to dry up both things could be other reasons me feeding her to much and her just getting to the end of her milking cycle. Anyways I want to see if anyone can tell me if she is pregnant or not
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Here's a bunch of reading for you, if you like:
At this point, I would be watching for signs of heat and getting ready for kids just in case. Goats are excellent at hiding their pregnancies and you really won't know until much closer to her due date. After she dries off completely, keep an eye on her to see if she starts getting a bag again. Typically they bag up a month or so before due.
The appearance of her vulva makes me think she is not pregnant, but that is not 100%. If she is, time will tell. The appearance of the vulva and perineal region will change and you will see some changes in the udder. If she dries off, her udder will start to fill again. You will first see a change in the top of the udder as seen from the rear.

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