egg after 3 days, is it EYP?

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    Feb 11, 2019
    I have been treating my 2 1/2 year old buff for possible egg bound. Posted on here yesterday and got some great feed back. Still no egg and just not sure that is what is wrong. She is not lethargic, ate well yesterday but not much this morning. Not drinking at all but I was able to give her about a tsp of water slowly with a syringe. Her stool is runny and then normal and firm, no blood but has a strong odor. This morning her tale is up and she is wanting to walk around some. I have her in our mud room and separate from the rest of the flock. I am wondering about EYP...anyone had a hen with this? Symptoms? Did they survive? Any advice would be appreciated. I take her to the vet today.
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    Does she have a history of laying shell less eggs or soft shelled eggs? Considering she is a buff, and they have a tendency, have you considered that she could be going broody?
    Could you look at her tummy and breasts and see if she has plucked some feathers out?

    Please post some poop pics.
    Edited to add: did she molt this winter?
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    It would be good to continue with your first thread since it is about the same chicken. That way we can read what others have already suggested, and they can read updates on your hen. If you are not getting any feedback, just post again.

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