Help! No more medicated chick feed!


One of the Shire-folk
12 Years
Apr 14, 2009
We have a bag of nonmedicated – if I feed this to them until we get our next bag of medicated, will there be any problems – going on or off the nonmedicated? Thanks so much!
Its better than no feed! But really, I don't think it will make too much difference. I would just get the other as soon as you can and mix the two. Medicated food has amprollium and its not like putting them on and off of an antibiotic.
Thanks! I think we'll be able to get more medicated today, so just mix the medicated in with the non for a little bit afterward?
They will be fine. I live over 10 miles from the nearest town and sometimes I have ran out and not wanted to go to town till the next day or something...I will just feed mine yogurt, cornbread crumbles, tomatoes, and dig them up some bugs. They are just fine.


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