Help -not going to coop at night time


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
Hi and thanks to everyone who answered my questions about the chickens not going into their coop at night. I put them into lock down for three nights and today I let them out to range. They did not go into their coop but are again on the top step of the deck. It is starting to get cold here at night.... any suggestions???? Thanks
Not sure what all answers you got or what you've already tried but have you put them in the coop after finding them on the deck?

If already attempted or a repeat response, my apologies.

When I've had a bird try something like that, a few corrections by taking them to the coop fixed it.

Another thing you might try would be to be out near dusk and attempt to block their route in that direction (the deck), kind of 'herding' them towards the coop at roosting time, or draw them that way with feed and then block their way. Depending on your birds and setup this could be a total trainwreck but that's also worked for us when we had a couple roosting in the trees.

Good luck with it.
That's what works for me. I make sure the only light on in the area is in the coop. They prefer the lighted area, I guess, because as it begins to get dark, they go in the coop.

I would lock down a little longer and/or put them in before dusk. Is there an attached run or just the coop? Our first chickens just knew what to do. The newer ones needed some guidance. When dusk was nearing I went out with corn or boss or some treat for them. Locked everyone in the run. They quickly learned to go up into the coop on their own at dark.

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