help on a broody hen

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    my smallests hen ,a BO named buffey--went broody a couple of days ago-----[​IMG]-----she growles , dose the ruffle feather act ,and then will leave the nest for hours on end-----[​IMG]---then go back to the nest and sit , this act goes on all day , the only hen she lets come near her is lucy , my RIR , and lets her crawl in and lay an egg ,,[​IMG]....,the other hens are determined to not use the other nest boxes and just lay thie egg in the wood pine shaveing on the coop floor--[​IMG]---is this a norm ????,or a not a good thing today i put 12 suposedly fertile eggs in the broody nest , .....[​IMG] please ...
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    Apr 7, 2010
    What i did was mark the fertile eggs so that you can collect any that aren't fertile daily. Mine is the sweetest broody in the world. She puffs up, but only until I pet her, then she settles right back down, eats a treat or two or ten. She hasn't offered to peck me at all. I've been taking her extra treats and water to the nest. She is getting off once a day, but I want her to keep her strength up. Good luck!!!!

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