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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Helyro, Apr 11, 2009.

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    My neighbors house is getting foreclosed on [​IMG] and they have given me 4 of their OEG chickens. I currently have 6 chickens that free range, and roost in a coop at night. I have kept the 4 new guys locked up for over a week, and the second I let them out - they run back next door. Any suggestions? I hate to keep them locked up forever. Should I clip their wings so that they cannot get to their old roosting spot next door? Or just keep them locked up for an extended period? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. A small run might help, you have done the right thing already but chickens imprint very strongly to the property they knew as chicks. Any chance of fencing? Maybe your new neighbors will be interested in having them. [​IMG]

    Is it possible to take down that roosting spot and move it to your place? Not sure how much that would involve, but roosts are 'sacred' to chickens.

    Of course they must come back for food, but that's the tricky part of free-rangers at this time of year, food is *everywhere*...
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    Lock them up for another week.
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    lock them up another week and clip one wing.....and if it's possible bring the roost over to your property.

    If they do get over there...make sure you bring them back to wake up in their new will help them think of that coop as home (although locking them up another week is a must)

    Good luck

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