Help on which Chicks to get!

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Feb 24, 2011
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Well, I am thinking about getting 3 fertile eggs (and using the R-Com mini) or 3 Chicks that you can tell wether they are a girl or a boy, any ideas what the chicks can be?
I really like Wellsummers. How do you know if they are a Hen or a Rooster?

This is my Brooder, is this okay?


It has a UV light as well. I am going to change the bulb to 150W It is 60W at the moment

welsummer pullets have a very defined V shaped brown marking on their heads, while the roos may have the same V shape, it is much more pale and less defined. The pullets also have brown around the eyes (looks like eyeliner) The roos may have this also, but again much less defined. It helps to have several chicks so that you can see them in comparison to each other. I've been told that this is not always 100% accurate, however in my experience it is.

As for the brooder, what is the paper bag for? I would try to postition the heat source from above. The little buggers will be up on that bulb way sooner than you'd think. As quick as 2 weeks maybe. It is hard to tell for sure, but it look like it would like a little more ventilation. Is it a display case of some kind? Cool idea if it is.
It is above, its just the picture is on its side. This is like a snake tank and has a bright long light at the top. Is this suitable as on? This is it

This pic may be on its side - sorry. By the way, this is the garage.


LOOK SIDEWARDS! This can fit 3 fully grown chickens in.. About. I don't know, i'm not that cruel to try. But its big!
It looks more than big enough for 3 chicks. In fact you may need to divide it with cardboard or something so the heat won't travel away so far, three chicks won't be able to huddle much if they are cold.
This is the Brooder when its on, just a heat lamp.

This is the Brooder when its on, heat lamp AND UV light.

This is the ventilation, I can pop them out if I need air...

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