Help! One of my ducks is sick!


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May 11, 2015
Hello, I'm Sami and i'm a first time duck mom! I just got my ducklings a few weeks ago and now one of them seems to be very sick. It's spending most of it's time laying down. Doesn't seem to be really eating anything and barely drinking. What should I do? Oh and it's only about 3 or 4 weeks old.
How do I go about finding a duck vet? most of the vets around me only do "normal" pets like cats and dogs. I've been feeding it what tractor supply said to which is where I got them. It's Purina start and grow non-medicated. My other 3 ducks seem to be fine.
okay so are his legs hurt

sometimes duckling require brewers yeast ( not bakers yeast specifically brewers yeast the other kind will kill them )

Any exotic or livestock vets will take him

and if u have an emergency vet clinic they are required ( literally have to take because its called an emergency vet office ) to take all animals but it has to be an emergency like dieing emergency.

you can literally just look up exotic vet offices in your area or livestock vet offices in your area also just call around to vet offices and ask if they take any kind of poultry
His legs seem fine when he does stand. I will call around and see what I can find.
What kind of bedding are you using and what is temp in brooder? How long has this been going on? hear any wheezing? or discharge from eyes or nares?
My initial thoughts are

too hot
picked up an infection (bacterial or viral, maybe fungal)
ate something toxic

do they have water 24/7?

By the way - when I am concerned about a duckling, sometimes I ask many questions - I do care about the person, I am not accusing anyone of anything. But sometimes new duck parents miss something. I always hope it is something simple.

What kind of activity have the ducklings been involved in? Out in the yard? Being picked up? Given treats?

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