Help, one of my hen's feet is dead! What can I do?

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    So, awhile ago I put some rubber bands on some of my hen's legs when I was trying to test how many of them were laying. About a month and a half later I noticed that one of them had a really purple foot. So I immediately took off the rubber band, but it was already too late. It had cut off all circulation to her foot, thankfully the other hens were fine. So for the last month and a half I have been observing her to see how she was doing, she is still able to hop around to eat and drink, and occasionaly up to a nest box to lay. But she seems to be faring slightly worse now. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help her move around? Can I put some sort of splint?

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    NEVER,EVER put rubber bands on chickens,if you need to band(appropriate bands) them the bands need to be checked all the time for this very reason.

    Is her foot black as in dead? Can she move or walk on foot?
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    What's done is done... how does her leg look where the foot has fallen off? Does it looked healed, healthy, normally colored? Check carefully for signs of infection, gangrene, or necrotic tissue.

    If she is otherwise well healed, she will always be gimpy, but will be able to live... quite a few people on here have one-legged birds that get around by hopping.

    If you free range, be aware she will not be able to escape predators nearly as easily as a normal hen. She will always be handicapped. If she is valuable to you it would be worth it to keep an eye on her and if possible weigh her periodically or at least physically handle her to see if she thins.

    There is such a thing as leg prosthesis for birds but it is quite specialized and can be expensive.

    Best wishes for you and your hen; and a good lesson to be very careful with leg banding.
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    Okay, thanks everyone!

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