Help!! Only 50% hatch rate.

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    I am relatively new to this incubating and hatching game. This is probably the 6th time I have incubated and hatched chicken eggs and I have 22 out of 40 eggs hatched. Of those 22 I had to help out 4, of which 2 look to be ok. The others have the sticky membrane stuck to all parts and I might have to step in again. Anyway, I have a Hovabator with automatic egg turner and air circulating fan. Temp has been fairly steady but at 99.5 usually but with this last hatch I had some spikes to 102! When I open up the eggs after I have removed the others, I have noticed that most of them have formed in the egg but have died partway through the incubation process. What am I doing wrong? Any tips would be appreciated. I followed to the letter the instructions that came with the bator re humidity. I tried a dry hatch of 10% during incubation and 50% at lockdown. This last time I did around 25% for incubation and 50-55% for lockdown. This last hatch was my best yet which doesn't seem to be great. These eggs are fertile. They come from my own barnyard flock, a mixed group of interesting looking chickens. One rooster for 9 hens and every egg I have ever checked has been fertile.
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    I prefer the low humdity hatch running about 30% for incubation 75% for hatch. But the first question is, have you checked your thermometers and hygrometer for accuracy? This is very important. If your readings aren't correct, it can throw everything else off. My second question is are you monitorig the air cells to know how to adjust your humidity? Different things work for different people and different eggs. If you monitor your air cells, especially when you are trying to figure out what works for you, it'll guide you.

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