Help -- order an assortment or wait till end of June or July to get chicks??

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  1. QuakerMom

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Hi all--

    I'm a newbie here. Just figuring out plans for the fence and coop, and now that I'm finally starting to finalize those plans, i thought i better see about ordering my peeps. I had been doing lots of research on the breeds and came up with 4 preferred breeds for my little flock of 6:
    Rhode Island Reds
    Black Australorps
    Buff Orps
    and maybe: Silver or Gold Laced Wyandotte

    Well, to my dismay, of course now that it's April, the breeds I want will not be available until late June (if I skip the Wyandotte) or early July if I want all 4 breeds, and if I want to order from the local hatchery where I can pick them up in person (Meyer)

    So, my options are:

    Wait and start them mid-summer (i really wanted to start in the spring, so they would be laying before the really cold weather sets in)
    Change to other breeds -- some may be available by late May.

    Order from a mail order place: anyone have experience with "Chickens for Backyards"?? They could likely do an order of all 4 available for late May shipping, but they can't tell me the ship date until after I've placed and paid for the order.

    OR: I could get the "Brown Layer Assortment" from Meyer, which could include all the breeds I like, but could include none of them. But, they are available by mid-May, which is perfect timing.

    So -- what's more important -- timing? Or breed selection? Are there other hatcheries that accept small orders and might have better availability? I checked MPC and availability dates for the 4 breeds i want is about the same as Meyer.

    Thanks for any suggestions!!
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    Strasburg Ohio
    Well I'll be darned! I also live near the Meyer Hatchery and get my chicks there too. You can always call each morning and ask them what extras they have. They often have more than chicks than have been ordered.

    They have a wonderful hybrid, called the Golden Buff, and they are fantastic brown egg layers. They always seem to have a few extra females of that breed. Every day it's different. But I'll bet you could get what you wanted from their extras.

    Take care,

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