Help our baby chicks disappeared.


Jun 20, 2011
Canyon Lake, TX
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Any thoughts? We had a hen with 6 3 day old chicks in a cat carrier. When my husband went to check on them this morning they were gone. The hen was just fine. Any idea what could have gotten them? My thinking is a snake but I would think it would have been full after 1or 2 chicks. We won't be doing that again.
So sorry - that's terrible. A couple of questions. Was the carrier outside? In a barn or shed?

How big are the spaces in the door grate of the carrier?

Is the carrier the kind that screws together - top half to bottom half - and is it secure?

Six chicks disappearing is a lot. Sorry for your loss.
Hmm. That's a pretty small grating, it seems like. If it was a snake, that does seem like a lot of babies for it to get at one time. Anyone else have any thoughts?
Even if a snake could get in, after it ate the chicks it would be stuck wouldn't it? Did the hen seem freaked out? Was there any other evidence?
I'm going to suggest something which you have probably thought of, and that they have squeezed through the spaces. It may seem they were too big to do so, but I have a Serama cockerel who can squish through 2 x 4" fence spacing. Look around carefully, let Mama out of the carrier... they may show up. But more than likely, if they got out, they're easy pickings for anything that eats chicks. If they were pulled through bit by bit, you'd see evidence. Mom would be freaked out, too.
I would also say they have escaped as I have actually had them squeeze through those tiny square holes in a cat crate door. I currently have chickens in a large wire dog crate and I wrapped the bottom 4 inches or so with heavy plastic all the way round with an overlap at the door for extra security. Sometimes I weave strips of cardboard in and out through the holes, but believe me, they squeeze through the tinest of spaces so you can leave no gaps whatsoever. There's a lot of fluff and not much body in a new born chick!
Actually I should clarify that - I don't think they escaped through the tiny holes themselves, just where the door met the frame of the crate. I didn't actually witness the breakout!
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Thanks for the replies. I don't think they are got out, my husband locked them in there after they went in for the night. And I don't think something pulled them out because there was no evidence. The hen wasn't freaked out in the morning either. My guess aliens beamed them up. Lol. I guess we will never know for sure but will not make that mistake again.
We don't usually do that but this hen made a nest outside our enclosure so my husband put the hen and nest in the cat carrier and moved them in the enclosure. But it's not the coop so it's still in the open.
Hmmm that is very strange to have six 3 day old chicks dissapear from a locked cage. I guess odd things do happen though. I do hope they show up for you. Could someone have taken the babies
probably not but ya never know.

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