HELP!! Overly broody goose's little hatch-ling has big problems!

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Tioga Karen, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Tioga Karen

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    Jan 20, 2013
    Last Friday night our first hatch-ling in years made it's appearance. As soon as I picked it up, I could see it had problems--primarily with its neck which had "torticollis". I decided to leave it with its mom since she had it snuggled under her wing and was 'talking' to it. On Saturday, my son found it in the middle of the pen presumably 'dead', and took it to his Dad to be buried. When my husband set it down to 'dig' he thought he saw movement and promptly brought it to me. Although, I was sure it was dead--its eyes were open and caked with dirt, as was its nose and mouth, and it was ice cold--I flushed the eyes, swabbed the nose and mouth, wrapped it in a warm towel and gave it a couple 'puffs' of air. Within a couple hours it was "croaking" and not long after "peeping" in earnest. Later I offered it some warm gruel (watered down crumble). I swaddled it to keep it upright and held the small cap of food and watched as it's head wiggled and bobbed into the feed, then shook and slung food on everything within a two-foot radius. It's hard to believe any makes it into the crop, but it must because it's thriving. Yesterday I took it to the vet and he said because its still so young its possible that it's little brain will "rewire", and with rehab it could possibly learn to function like a "loopy" semi-normal goose (whatever that means). But, it was worth waiting a couple weeks and see how he does. He also fabricated a box that would restrain it, and keep it in an upright position--since it flips over on it's back with it's head pinned under it (which is what happened while it was in the pen). It can't walk--it can somewhat stand, but it's spastic and stiffens its legs sending it over backwards, it can't swim, it loves the water but flips on to it's side. Other than that it is totally adorable, and makes those happy peeps all day long. So, my question is; does anyone have ANY experience with something like this? Basically HEEEEELP!!!!!!!
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    Dec 17, 2011
    Sorry your gosling is having problems! I had a duckling that had torticollis appear at day 8. I believe it was nutritional though, not congenital. I treated with polyvisol (without iron) and fresh kale. After a week, it went away. Best of luck for your little one and please keep us posted.
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