Help - Peahen Keeps Lying Down in Corner


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Pensacola, FL
So yesterday I noticed Snow White was favoring a corner of the pen and I figured she was just relaxing there but today she is staying in that corner. she keeps lying back down there and hasn't eaten. I put water and food next to her and sheshe's had some water. She is very allert and has walked around. right now she is standing. her tail is out a bit so I am wondering if she is egg bound? she doesn't seem to be holding her tail up high though. she does have her wings down a little. she was just chased off from her spot but she quickly ran back over there. It is hot out today and I read that the heat helps when they are egg bound. is there anything else I should do??? You can call me on my cell # which is on my website under contact:
I really want to help her today as I know they can not show very many signs and then be gone the next day.
She is eating, walking around, and preening. I remember reading a topic on egg bound peahens and she doesn't exactly show all those symptoms so I am not sure what to think.
Well she is eating a lot now and walking around.

I will keep a watchful eye on her hopefully she won't need any help.
Poor SW!

Do you think it might just be the heat that was bothering her? Is it really hot, or did the weather change suddenly?
Good that she's up and around now...
I am not quiet sure and that is what has me so bothered. I noticed that the other peafowl were lazing around too, but when I come to feed my peas all of them always come running but she didn't. That had me worried but later she got up and was eating. She is definitely alert as I saw her hunt bugs at least 6 different times today.

It is definitely hot today and it feels hotter than it was yesterday. She was lying there panting so I am sure part of it is the heat getting to her. I also worry about her because she is the lowest ranking bird in the pen, so if she needs calcium or food it is harder for her to get since the other peahens boss her away from the food. I hope the food dish and the water dish I put in that corner will help her out.

Hopefully she will be alright. I put a lot of calcium in the pen today in 3 different forms so that will hopefully help as well.
She is old enough to go broody and maybe that could be it. I have had to get this same peahen out of the dog box before because I was worried she was lying in there trying to incubate the fake egg. Recently all the peafowl have been lying around taking it easy due to the heat, so she is probably okay.
Well I started thinking maybe Snow White isn't egg bound, maybe she is sick. She is acting so alert but at the same time she doesn't come running for food, I didn't really see her eat today other than catch a bug, and she keeps lying down so today with the help of my Mom we caught her up and treated her with safeguard. I am treating all the other birds too.

Snow White just doesn't seem like she is trying to lay an egg. I have read that they will be moving their tail, etc but she just doesn't show that so it took today for me to decided it was time to treat her like she is sick. I hope I didn't wait too long. Today was the first time I put the safeguard in a bird's mouth. I usually do the catching and my Mom does the dosing but today she wanted to try catching so I let her and I was very nervous to dose Snow White but I think all went well. I was worried because when my Mom let her go she was holding one wing out kind of funny and I told my Mom I hope she didn't hurt Snow White's wing when she caught her, but later her wing looked okay.

I am pretty worried because Snow White is the last remaining sister. Her sister Fiona was killed on a nest, and her sister Xena got sick and we treated her and the very next day I found her dead in the pen so I really hope I don't lose Snow White.
Good Update!!!

It seems yesterday's catching and oral medicating of Snow White has worked. I don't think she is 100% back to normal, but she is very close to being back. She was walking around a lot, eating, hanging out a little with her best friend Shyanne, etc. She was still distancing herself a little from the other peas, so I think she still recovering.

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