help! peckcing!


8 Years
Sep 18, 2011
I had 15 vhivkens in the coop, 2 3month olds and 13 1 month olds. Recently one older hen began to peck at the little'uns. I was so devastated because they got along fine before. The littleuns go under the nesting boxes to hide. Also the biguns block the feed and water and when I come in to check on them ihave to push them away so theminichickens can eat and drink.I put the pecking hen inthe nesting box and covere it with my zrms for a minute like a time out. They peck at them and I just want them safe and happy. Sorry about my spelling but this is myphone keyboard.
The chicks are too young to be in with adult chickens that they haven't been raised with. Also, no matter how small your flock it's important to have more than one feeder. Older birds can starve out chicks by keeping them from eating at the single feeder.
Well in the end, as we need to put in more of our large flock, they ended up getting along fine. Our rooster has been especially nice. They all get Feed/Water Access so it all good now.

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