Help***Pekin is broody with chick and duck eggs

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by OoWeeFNP, Oct 11, 2014.

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    Apr 1, 2014
    This is my first year for raising ducks. I have a Pekin and Anconda pair, totally free range. Long story short, my Pekin Betty White is sitting on a clutch of eggs right in the middle of my garden. She has been there at least a week, but I just found her today. The real issue is that there are at least 2 chicken eggs in there too. I need some advice from experienced duck lovers please!!!

    1. Would she mother the chicks?
    2. Do I move her to a safer spot or is it best to just leave her be and see what happens?
    3. If I leave her there in the garden. should I build her some sort of make shift shelter?
    4. If she hatches the ducks, can I let them free range or will the nights be too cold? The have a shelter but the adults rarely go in it.
    I live in NE Ohio. The nights are getting down to 40 degrees or so. If she has 2 more weeks to go it will be really cold here.

    Thanks for any advice you can give!
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    What breed is the female? Different breeds act differently when broody/nesting.

    I would not disturb her or the nest as she might lose interest in it. Ducks do live in the wild they didn't just pop out of some lab some where, they are cold hardy. The mother will keep the ducklings warm and probably relocate a few times.
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    She will imprint on the chicks and they her only probvlem is the chicks will follow mom and ducklings into water and will drown so you may want to take the chicks and brood them yourself after hatch.
    As for her sitting out in middle of garden well have you ever heard the phrase "sitting duck" that is exactly what she is and very much at risk for predation of her and her eggs and babies if she makes it too hatch. I'd take a flat end shovel and lift as much of nest along with eggs and move her to a safe place, she may not continue to sit but at least she will be safe. We are responsible for keeping our ducks safe, They don't always make the best decisions on where to make a nest. If these ducklings/chicks hatch I'd make sure mama and babies can get out of the elements till at least 3-4 weeks old. I make a temp fence around one of my small house for moms to brood in and raise their babies

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