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Apr 23, 2013
I need some help!! The borough's ordinance that I live in states that we are allowed to have dogs, cats and birds. We have recently built a chicken coop and have 12 hens. We have these for the sole purpose of eggs and pets.

We have now run across only one neighbor that is opposed to us having chickens. She has called the zoning office and borough council president everyday. At this point the zoning offical and borough president are tired of hearing from her and now have a biased opinion just because they want this situation to go away. When talking to the zoning offical he told us birds are a gray area and he is the one that makes the decision on want is right and wrong. We are at the point that hiring an attorney and challenging his ruling is one of the only options that we have. We are also looking at filing a class action suit against the borough that we live in stating they are violating our rights as established in the ordinances. If that doesn't work our only option is to get rid of the chickens or face a $500 a day fine that they are on our property.

Please if anyone has any information to help us win this battle and keep our much loved pets, please respond. We are getting ready to go up against the borough council on May 7th, does anyone have some helpful information that can help us win our battle?

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Jan 17, 2013
yes you can contact the chicken whisper and he might be able to help he has lots of information on stuff like that.look up chicken whisper and find his email. maybe he can help or at least provide you with some facts and stuff to help go against the city. hopefully he will help.he has a radio show that comes online weekdays at 12 EASTERN time.he's on vacation this week but will be back on air next week. hope this helps out.

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