Help please! Are Charlotte, Luna and Merry really Chuck, Larry and Murray?


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Jun 19, 2016
Eastern Massachusetts
Good Morning Everyone - This is a pic of the three chicks that hatched from eggs from my science class. They are nine weeks old, very friendly and I have been thinking for awhile now that I have three roos but would welcome your opinions - they are a Buff Orpington, a bantam Black Cochin and an Easter Egger. Thanks for your help!

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Out of just three chicks, its not uncommon to get all males. It seems like this has been a cockerel year. Most of my hatches have been more cockerels than pullets. It seems to go in cycles, last year I hatch a greater percentage of pullets.
Thank you both for your input - I have put a Free to a Kind Home flyer in the local Co-op store hoping that someone like me without a town ordinance against roosters will see it, but know that the likelihood of that happening is probably slim.

The bad news from this entire "hatching chicken eggs in my classroom" experience has been that the parent who encouraged me to do this with my students and provided me with all of the materials (from eggs --> incubator -->brooder) and who was to take the chicks when they hatched decided not to 3/4s of the way through the process -although it gave me some time to prepare my husband for the unexpected expansion of our family.

The good news is that I have developed a new love and appreciation for chickens and will be replacing "the guys" with some young ladies as soon as we get through this process : )

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