Help please - Chicken with bad legs


5 Years
Jun 28, 2018
Please can anyone help
I have a little bantam called Pricilla which started limping. I couldn’t find anything wrong and she was fine hopping around on the one leg. She even managed to get in the top perch every night. Over time her claws curled a bit but I thought it was because she wasn’t using it.
Now the same thing seems to have happened to the other leg so now she can’t walk at all. I tried putting a little splint in for her but that doesn’t seem to have helped and her claws on this foot seem to be curling now aswell.
She is eating and drinking fine and very alert and can move herself a bit using her wings but her leg just seems to poke out the side when she’s sat.
I don’t know if she’s injured or if it could be something neurological.
does anyone have any ideas please.
thank you!!!


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Hi thank you
Vet not really an option. Husband is a farmer and they think differently to everyone else!!!
My suspicion now is it’s the rooster. She already had the one bad leg and I thought he was leaving her alone but I saw him on her. Initially I took him out but now I’ve got Cilla in her own little house and I’ve got a splint on Her worst in a better position. I think there is some improvement as she is now standing on both legs. I will leave the splint on for 2 or 3 weeks and see.
My problem then will be if Cilla recovers enough to go back with the others the rooster might have to go!!!
He seems to have gone a bit wappy anyway lately and attacks me every time I go in the run☹️

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