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This code is under certain noise prohibited

Noise by animals. Any person having charge, care, custody, possession or control of any animal to permit such animal to emit any excessive noise which is disturbing or offensive including but not limited to barking dogs and roosters.

This one is under Accessory uses permitted.

Poultry, rabbits and other small animals of domestic noncommercial uses; provided that such poultry and animals shall not exceed twenty-five in number on any site having an area of fifteen thousand square feet or more.

Does that mean if my neighbors complain my rooster will go byebye?! I just got new neighbors..HELP! (they arnt very nice)

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. . . Does that mean if my neighbors complain my rooster will go byebye?! I just got new neighbors..HELP! (they arnt very nice)

That may be the case, Bleenstar. Roosters can be an issue in a city . . .

The lot size requirement is large. Most city lots are not 15,000 square foot. That's about 1/3 acre (equal to 100 ft x 150 ft).

An urban lot is often 50 x 120. Even suburban lots are often not more than double that - still too small.

Don't give up but think about a hen-only coop.



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Jul 9, 2008
Yes that is what the code means. Your codes are written a lot like ours, the emphasis is not on what you can or can't have so much as the annoyance factor. You could also probably make a neighbor get rid of a batch of constantly yowling tomcats under your ordinance. So it is not all bad.

As I said I have had to decide to keep hens only, because of our similar rules. It is working out well for me though. I let the girls out to run around my fenced yard when I am home, and put them in their house/run when I am not and they seem happy. I have one set of unpleasant neighbors that clearly dislike me and my pets, but even though they complained, they were unable to do anything about my hens. The city and some of the other neighbors came over once to check ot the setup, but the girls were poking around for bugs in the bushes, the henhouse was clean, everyone stood around for awhile and drank coffee. The general consensus was there was no problem. I have not heard a word since.

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