Help please egg wont hatch

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Its reached day 21 and my lone Vorwerk chciken egg still hasnt pipped!! Im so worried plus 2 days ago it was wobbling alot and now its jus standing still but its still alive cause I candled it and I can see some vague movement and when I put the large end of the egg near my ear I can hear very gentle scratching sounds kinda weak though but cant really say this is the second egg I've ever hatched. Should I be worried? I read somewhere that If the chick doesnt pip you should make a small hole on the large end where the air sac is to give it air is this good advice? please reply soon and let me know I cant let him die
You can make a small hole in the big end. Just be very careful! I would crank the humidity as high as possible. then give it another day or so. If it still hasn't pipped you can help. BUT if you have to help they usually dont make it. Sorry
I have had them take 24 days before. just make sure it can breath and the egg is plenty humid. It helps soften the shell for them. If you decide to help. very very very care fully pick at the shell from the hole. If you see blood STOP! if not continue until it is out. as long as there is blood still in the shell it is not ready! They actuallu have blood veins along the inside of the shell. they exchange air through the shell walls. just like the lungs. when they are ready to hatch the blood will be drawn in and this causes them to struggle to breath, hence the usual explosion from the shell. That is also why it takes so long sometimes. they have to get the energy to push on the shell and break out. That is also the reason they take alot of breaks while pipping and zipping. Just be very careful! A lil redish yellow yolk may ozze out this is ok. But Blood is a STOP!!! I have used a small knitting needle to make a hole before. just a tiny hole is fine. If it is too big the membrane inside can be dried and they will suffocate and die! Good luck!!!!

God Bless!
A chick should be able to hatch on its own. Helping will do no good.

To start with you should have left the egg alone. From at least the 19th day thru the 22 or even 23rd day the incubator should be closed for a hatch. Cooling off the egg at this late date is not advisable; nor is handling it.

Also, I've never known just one chick to do very well. saladin
Thank you sooo much bigstack for all the advice
i made a tiny hole at the top so at least it can breath if it cant pip out at the moment im not gonna intervene anymore just gonna let whatever happens happen i hopppe it finds the strength to make it out poor little guy

Yeah saladin I would of kept it in lockdown but I started to doubt wether it was alive still. I know they should make it out by themselves but I just cant do nothing if it maybe can have a chance at life but Im jus gonna leave it now hopefully he makes it..
Thanks for the replies

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