HELP please - grower nankin-pekin cross unable to stand


Jun 22, 2016

I have a young (~20wk old) nankin-pekin cross who is really struggling to stand. I have a feeling it is her right leg, but it is quite difficult to tell for sure. When she needs to/wants to she can walk on it, but it is a real effort and she quickly drops down again. She looks drunk/paralysed in the way she is walking. I have examined both her feet and legs quite carefully, feeling from the tip of her toes up to her hip and there is no sign of injury and at no point does she recoil/cry out to suggest a point of injury/pain.

She is otherwise fine within herself, and is taking food (pellets) from my hand, but didn't want water when i offered it to her.

If anyone is able to shed some light or pearls of wisdom on this, short of heading to the vets, i'd be happy to hear them.


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