HELP PLEASE!!! My 2 chickens hate the 4 new ones I've introduced....


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May 22, 2011
Hi All,

So I have a little problem. I am new to raising chickens, My husband and I started a small flock last summer. We purchased four 20 week old pullets. They all came from the same farm and got along great! Unforunatly we lost one over the winter to a weasel and another this spring to a dog. That left us with two. We wanted to increase the flock so we purchased four new 20 week old pullets a week ago. It is not going well.... my two original ladies do NOT like the newbies. they won't let them on the roost at night so the four new girls sleep on the floor of the coop. During the day if my two originals want to be out in the run they chase the newbies in the coop and won't not letting them into the run. If the original two want to be in the coop then they chase the four newbies into the run not allowig them into the coop. The four newbies aren't fighting back either. If the two originals attack them they just lay down and then try to get away. AHHHH I don't see that it is getting any better. I know these things take time... my question is just how much time is needed before we start thinking about what needs to be done with the two originals.... I really just want them to all get along...

Any advise is welcome.


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Probably will take longer than a week. The usual advice is to keep them separated by something like wire so they can see each other for a while, but as you have them all together already might as well keep them there unless there is actual bloodletting going on. Set up additional food and water so the newbies can eat. They will work it out but keep your eyes peeled for any injuries - if there's anything going on beyond normal pecking order stuff then you need to separate so they can see but not touch.

I've integrated several flocks so far and it does take time. I had five scared newbies a few weeks back and I'd let them out to play for a while before letting the others out just to let them get familiar with their surroundings and to get more confident. They are still scared but they are not being bullied anymore and can hang around with the others, if only on the fringes.

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Good advice putting up extra feed bowls, you will need 3. Two hens cannot guard 3 bowls, but they can 2

Also put some obstacles out in the run, that way the new chickens can get behind or over or on top of them. This also slows down the attacker, harder to get a straight run at them.


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